Company Terms and Conditions of Purchase  

  1. The Seller is to afford access to the Company, their customer and/or regulatory authority, to the Seller’s facility which was involved in processing / manufacturing the Company’s Purchase Order, and to the entire Seller’s records concerning that Purchase Order or the Contract as otherwise agreed.
  2. This order may be subject to Q.A. activity at your works by our customer Q.A.R. and/or Weymouth Precision Engineers Ltd. Q.A. representative who will inform you accordingly.
  3. Purchases in aid of this order may be in accordance with the requirements of M.O.D. (P.E.) DEF STAN 05.61 PART 3/1. A Certificate of Conformity is required. The order will state accordingly. (N.B. No further subcontracting without permission from Weymouth Precision Engineers Ltd
  4. A Certificate of Conformity may be required for goods and services supplied by you by a duly authorised employee of the company stating “certified that the whole of supplies hereon have been inspected, tested and unless otherwise stated above, conform in all respects with the requirement of the contract or order”. Where materials for use in fulfilment of this order have been supplied by Weymouth Precision Engineers Ltd., the use of this material must also be certified. The order will state accordingly.
  5. Goods or material supplied in excess of the order requirements will not be paid for and will be returned carriage forward, unless special agreement to accept has been issued by us.
  6. To ensure payment all relevant information referring to the order shall be quoted on delivery notes and invoices. If this is not adhered to, invoice payment may be held until all relevant information is received.
  7. After an order is placed and acknowledged, price increases and/or changes outside of the drawing, specification, material requirements or details of the order, must be agreed in writing by Weymouth Precision Engineers Ltd.   Weymouth Precision Engineers Ltd reserve the right to cancel an order, which is subject to a price increase or unauthorised changes.
  8. Weymouth Precision Engineers Ltd. can cancel any order without liability, which is overdue to our requirements.
  9. Weymouth Precision Engineers Ltd. reserve the right to reject any goods or materials not conforming to quality, quantity, specification or the details of an order. Any goods so rejected shall either be returned to the Vendor at his cost for replacement or Weymouth Precision Engineers Ltd. shall cancel the order or part of the order covering the rejected goods. Weymouth Precision Engineers Ltd. can render a claim for subsequent losses incurred in faulty manufacture.
  10. The order may be terminated at any time by Weymouth Precision Engineers Ltd. giving the supplier notice in writing, whereupon production of the order shall be stopped. A fair and reasonable price shall be paid for all work in progress at the time of the termination and subsequently received by Weymouth Precision Engineers Ltd. and the Supplier shall afford all necessary facilities for ascertaining the extent of such work in progress. Weymouth Precision Engineers Ltd. shall not be liable for loss of anticipated profits or for any consequential loss whatever. In the event of such termination all claims shall be rendered within two months of the written notification after which claims will only be met in exceptional circumstances.
  11. All designs, drawings, specifications and information supplied or created in connection with the order are confidential and their use and disclosure must be strictly confined to the Suppliers employees and to the purpose of this order. All records relating to the purchase order if required are to be retained for a minimum period of 10 years unless otherwise informed, the company must be contacted prior to any records etc are destroyed.
  12. These terms and conditions do not derogate from our statutory and Common Law Rights and are in addition to these rights and not in substitute for them.
  13. Sub-Contracting of any piece part, component, assembly or raw material sent to the Sub-Contractor as free issue in the execution of this order shall be the Sub-Contractors responsibility regarding loss or damage. If the material is lost, damaged or scrapped by the Sub-Contractor, they are responsible for the free replacement of the material up to the standard as supplied free issue including any work covered on this order, and any additional costs incurred by Weymouth Precision Engineers Ltd., due to loss, damage or scrap.
  14. These conditions shall have precedence over any conditions appearing on any acceptance form, delivery form, or other document or letter emanating from the supplier on whom this order is placed and such conditions shall have no effect whatsoever except in so far as they confirm the terms and conditions of the order.

    WPE122 ISS 3, 10/2016


The following are the minimum requirements that suppliers shall have in a documented Quality Management System when compliance with these Supplementary Purchasing Conditions is specified on WPE’s purchase orders.
  1. Quality function’s authorities and responsibilities shall be clearly defined.
  2. A system shall be maintained for the use and control of inspection stamps or other unique method for the identification of inspection status.
  3. Adequate inspection instructions shall be maintained for inspection personnel.
  4. Sampling inspection, when applicable, shall be performed in compliance with established and recognized standards such as BS 6001 or equivalent.
  5. Calibrated measuring devices, inspection gauges and test equipment shall be available to inspection personnel who are competent for the inspection tasks they undertake.
  6. Documented procedures shall be available that require periodic inspection and recalibration of all measuring and test equipment in accordance with the requirements of ISO 10012-1 and/or ISO 17025 or their equivalents.
  7. A documented system shall be in place and maintained for handling non-conforming materials including the notification and recall of delivered non-conforming materials, the removal of non-conforming materials from production and taking corrective action to prevent recurrences.
  8. Documented procedures shall exist that require notifying WPE when changes to key processes or changes/modification to key product characteristics are made for products and/or services purchased by WPE. This requirement shall also be flowed down to any subcontractors.
  9. Quality records generated in support of WPE issued purchase order shall be maintained for a period of seven (7) years and be available for review by authorised WPE representatives including WPE’s customers and/or regulatory agencies. These records shall include, but are not limited to, receiving, in-process, and final inspection records, Certificates of Conformance, raw material Mill Certifications, test results, documented non-conformances and corrective actions, and inspection, measuring and test equipment calibration documentation.
  10. The supplier shall maintain a system for the control of drawings, specifications, planning, procedures, other technical documents, and changes thereto. The system shall provide for the timely removal of incomplete, obsolete or defaced documentation from production and inspection areas. Each supplier utilising numerical control equipment shall have procedures to assure control of non-deliverable programmes.
    Unless otherwise specified in the purchase order, drawings and specifications shall be the revision as specified on the purchase order.
  11. The supplier shall ensure that processes that cannot be verified by subsequent inspection and test e.g. gluing; welding; coating; treatment etc where deficiencies may only become apparent after release are validated to verify the process does achieve the expected outcome.
  12. The supplier’s Quality function shall maintain procedures for communicating quality and/or specification requirements, when applicable, to sub-tier suppliers, including, when applicable, the use of WPE (or WPE’s customers) approved suppliers.
  13. Positive traceability of parts by cross referencing raw material certification to all manufacturing, processing, reports and shipping documents from which items were manufactured is required where applicable.
  14. The supplier shall be responsible for the quality of all products/services purchased from subcontractors, including WPE designated sources.
  15. The supplier shall ensure that only new and authentic materials are used in materiel delivered to WPE. The supplier may only purchase materials directly from original manufacturers, manufacturer franchised distributors, or authorized aftermarket manufacturers. Use of materiel that was not provided by these sources is not authorized unless first approved in writing by WPE.
  16. WPE reserves the right to inspect all goods prior to shipment by the supplier, and the supplier shall permit WPE or its representatives including authorised regulatory agencies or customer representatives to have access to the supplier’s facilities, at all reasonable hours.
  17. The supplier shall be responsible for ensuring that items supplied against the purchase order are packaged in such a manner to ensure their integrity is preserved, contamination and corrosion are prevented, physical damage, deterioration or loss in transit is prevented.
  18. All goods shall be received subject to inspection and approval by WPE after delivery and prior to payment and may be rejected if they are or become non-conforming.
  19. When certificates of compliance are specified on purchase orders they shall display, as a minimum, the following elements where applicable:

    Lot Specific – the certificate must make specific reference to the part number (or process specification number if a process), WPE’s purchase order number, and the quantity of units so that it cannot be confused with another lot of parts.

    Statement of Quality – a statement to the effect that the parts are of the required configuration, have been manufactured or processed to meet the requirements of the referenced order, specification, etc., must be present. This can take many forms using various words, but the essence of the statement must be that the parts do conform to the applicable requirements.  Where tests are required to be performed in accordance with the purchase order, simply stating test values or results is insufficient.

    Dated Signature – the certificate must be signed and dated with the individual’s name printed alongside.

  20. The supplier shall inform WPE if there is a risk that on-time delivery will not be achieved. On-time delivery performance is monitored by WPE.
  21. The supplier that is certified to ISO 9001 or AS9100 via a third party and subsequently changes certification body (CB), loses its registration status, or is put on notice of losing its registration status, shall notify WPE accordingly.

    WPE102 ISS 4, 12/2016